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Belicious Sparkling Honey Beverage - Lime Mojito - Nonalcoholic 355ml

Are you ready to bee-amazed? Imagine a classic mojito – the tangy lime, the crisp mint, but somehow made un-bee-liavably better? That’s Belicious! They’ve added antioxidant-rich, pure and raw honey to sparkling water for a natural sweetness that blends perfectly with zesty lime, and fresh mint for non-alcoholic mojito sparkling water! The minty undertones come alive, just like crushed leaves muddled in a classic mojito. It's like a mojito decided to ditch the alcohol and dive headfirst into a pool of all-natural, bubbly goodness. Now, that’s un-bee-liavably buzzworthy!

Ingredients: Carbonated water, Carbonated lime juice, Mint flavour, Raw honey, Citric acid

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