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Formaggio Ubriaco “Prosecco Doc” (with Prosecco) 290g

Ubriaco Prosecco DOC is a semi-hard cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk, produced in Veneto according to ancient peasant production and ageing techniques.

It is matured with Glera grape marc and then with ‘Prosecco DOC’ wine, which gives it floral and aromatic notes. More precisely, it is immersed in Treviso Prosecco DOC for 40-50 days at the end of the maturing process, which lasts a total of 6-8 months.

INTERESTING NOTE: It is said that the inebriation treatment was accidentally developed during the First World War, when farmers in the Treviso area hid cheeses under the marc to escape raids by Austro-Hungarian soldiers.
Once the war was over, the tradition was only maintained by a few families until it was realised that the taste of the cheese changed in a rather interesting way. Since then, the ageing system was improved and spread to many producers.

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