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GODMINISTER - Vintage Organic Heart-Shaped Cheddar from England 200g

The iconic heart-shaped cheese, as crafted by Godminster. A deliciously smooth and creamy cheese, Godminster’s Heart-Shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar is a multi-award-winning organic cheese, created in the heart of Somerset and enrobed in a distinctive burgundy wax for the perfect Valentine’s gift for partners and loved ones.

This deliciously melt-in-the-mouth cheddar cheese is made to a traditional 90-year-old recipe and matured for up to 12 months. This beautiful heart-shaped cheese has a rich depth of flavour with a smooth texture that’s irresistibly moreish and will make you come back for more!


The History of Heart-Shaped Cheese

Whilst our heart-shaped cheeses are made from the signature, smooth and creamy Godminster cheddar, the concept of a heart shaped cheese product is one that has over 500 years behind it, with the story beginning in Normandy, and with a lesser known, soft-white, heart-shaped french cheese known as Neufchatel.

The tradition of molding Neufchatel cheese into its famous heart shape actually came during the Hundred Years War, wherein some of the female occupants of the small village of the same name, began to fall in love with their English occupiers! Being the home and the namesake of this rich and creamy cheese, the maidens of Neufchatel naturally begin to use the cheese as gifts, fashioning them into heart shaped gifts to give to their loved ones. 

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