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SEED TO SAUSAGE - Mexican Chorizo Sausages 3PK (frozen) 345g

NOTE: 3pk vac sealed in house 

A highly seasoned sausage, Mexican chorizo gets its famous red color from the variety of spicy red peppers used to spice this sausage (as opposed to smoked paprika commonly used in Spanish chorizo). Perfect to use in tacos, to add to pizza or to simply eat on a bun!

Seed to Sausage is based in Ottawa, ON and specializes in charcuterie and sausages. Mike’s goal at Seed to Sausage is use local ingredients wherever possible, and with as few additives as possible. The end result: a fantastic line of cured meat products.

Ingredients: Pork, salt, spice, dextrose
Nitrate Free
Raised Without Antibiotics 


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