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SCOUT CANNING - Smoked Wild Pink Salmon in Olive Oil 150g

There was a time where canneries were a staple in coastal fishing communities across North America. Local fishermen would bring their catch to be preserved, much like a fine cut of charcuterie. After discovering an 100-year-old canning machine in her friend’s attic, Chef Charlotte was inspired to revive the tradition. 


Wild-caught and sourced from the chilly waters of Alaska that flow from the Arctic Ocean, our Wild Pink Salmon is skinless and boneless, hand-cut and hand-packed with a kiss of natural sea salt. Each can features 27 grams of hearty and flaky protein and is packed with omega-3s.

The salmon is lightly smoked, cured overnight with a blend of salt and sugar which is gently removed the following day, and air-dried before being gently smoked with Canadian hardwood and packed in our signature organic olive oil.

Ingredients: Smoked Wild Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha), Organic Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Golden Yellow Sugar

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