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Fred’s Bread - Olive Oil & Sea Salt Joystyxs 150g

In 1994, we started Fred's Bread in a tiny apartment kitchen using organic grapes from that autumn's harvest, and along with water and flour, we created our own sourdough starter. The active wild yeasts in our starter means we slow it down and give our bread time to rise and ripen. Hand-crafted and hearth-baked breads made with 100% natural ingredients, unbleached, and organic flours begin to define what Fred's Breads is all about. Our recipes are created using the "levain" bread traditions of rural France, one that envelops our bakery and breads with a perfect wheaty, nutty aroma. An open textured crumb, a caramelized crust and depth of flavour that speaks to the grains we use are also hallmarks of our bread.

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