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Vilmas - Organic & Gluten free Rosemary Crackers 90g

Made with 100% organic and GMO-free ingredients. We make our own sourdough from Scandinavian oats, buckwheat, and pure mountain spring water, add oat bran and seeds for added fibre and protein. No wheat, rice, starches, preservatives, fillers, or oils are used.

Wholegrain sourdough goodness. With deep flavour from our own sourdough and whole grains, these crispy and delicate crackers complement cheeses, soups, meals, and made an ideal canapé. Topped with rosemary and sea salt. Our favourite with Manchego cheese.

Ingredients: gluten-free organic oats, organic buckwheat, organic maize, organic linseed flour, organic pea flour, 4% organic rosemary, organic honey, organic syrup, and salt.


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